Take a fresh look at the potential of the flipbook!

Sometimes the best inventions take their inspiration from tried and tested technologies and ways of doing things. The flipbook is a good case in point, taking digital content consumption forward in a way that’s both reassuringly familiar and innovative. With the use of solutions produced by companies such as Webpublication, it’s easy to get a slice of the action and start attracting new readerships for your documents, whether they be marketing collateral, your online brochure, corporate magazines or other publications. Although it’s possible to get help from the experts when you’re creating your docs, it’s so easy you probably won’t feel the need to. If you’d like to find out more, there are some good interactive pdf examples available on the Webpublication internet site. In addition to rich media features that really add to the whole reading experience, such as video and sound, as well as options like ‘send to a friend’ and the toolbox feature, interactivity comes in many different guises. For example, your documents can be easily shared with others on social networking sites or embedded on a website. All documents are compatible with Macs, tablet computers and smartphones and can be stored on DVD or flash drive.