Snooker – the everyman’s sport par excellence!

There can be few games that are as accessible as the sport of snooker. Open to people of all ages and all fitness levels, this is one sport where the adage ‘practice makes perfect’ actually holds true, since with sufficient practice, even those who lack a natural talent for the game can really become quite impressive players. Obviously, for this to hold true, you have to practise a lot, which is why many snooker enthusiasts decide to buy their own table. Playing on a better quality of table can help you to improve your game more rapidly, so it’s worth shopping around rather than just settling on the cheapest model available. Riley international would be an excellent first port of call, as they stock a very wide range of snooker, and indeed billiard tables, pool tables and cues. This British-based manufacturer has had the privilege of supplying tables for use at the very highest levels of the sport. This included the tables used in the World Championships between the years 1992 and 2009! This puts Riley in a unique position to market some very special items, with tables used in both practice sessions and in actual world championship games being available for purchase on the Riley website.