Produit Intérieur Brut – for lovers of industrial, vintage and retro looks

If you’d like to create a vintage style for your interior, then PIB-Home should be your first port of call. This website offers not just a wide selection of products, but also some background to the different trends and advice on how to combine various styles successfully. They might seem like unlikely bedfellows, but in fact, bohemian, rustic looks can, with a bit of careful planning, really complement more modern designs.

A typical factory chair


Industrial furniture can play a useful role in bridging the gap between a more rural, homely vibe and a down to earth, grittier urban feel. This furniture was initially designed for people at work. Therefore, practicality, robustness and comfort were important considerations. Work tables, chairs and lighting make up the bulk of this kind of furniture, although storage spaces such as lockers also have their part to play.

The chair pictured below is a good example of the characteristics of this kind of design. It’s simple, strong, versatile and very practical. Its rather Spartan looks makes it an ideal choice of seat for a more minimalist kind of interior, like a loft conversion.