Get in touch with your inner athlete with some sporty yet stylish shoes.

As the dust settles on the summer’s sporting endeavours, you might be hoping for a bit of a quieter life. However, when you see the Modatoi collection of women’s shoes and dresses, you may find yourself having second thoughts.
For some, ‘sporty style’ is a contradiction in terms. If that’s you, head straight for the massive choice of shoes for women at This features trainers that are a little more flamboyant than your average gym shoe, not to mention cheeky heels. Actually, party shoes and heels have had something of a mind of their own this season, encompassing everything from the unexpected sight of metal studded platform heels to confident high heel lace-ups in cozy autumnal shades.
In the half boot stakes change is definitely in the air. The ‘skull’ theme is adopted with great enthusiasm, frequently in bejewelled form. Ladies’ boots are heading skywards. Over the knee styles have widened their fashion base managing to be both sophisticated and somehow mysterious at the same time.
This season’s selection of dresses are all about cut rather than colour. So that’s the theory. In practice this works itself out in off the shoulder looks, little strapless numbers, flaps, pleats and ruffles, lace backs, shoulders, arms and even midriffs and tiny little belts.