Turn your tropical island imaginings into reality with a trip to Rangiroa!

There are some places on planet earth that hold a special place in our imaginations. The palm-fringed islands of the Pacific definitely come into this category and the atoll of Rangiroa is one of the largest such islands in the world.

Luckily, you can now escape the tumult of modern life without having to leave behind all the comforts of 21st century living, thanks to the welcoming atmosphere and top-quality facilities of the Pension bounty family lodge. You’ll have all the space you could ask for and plenty of independence, as each studio apartment has its own small kitchen area and Wi-Fi connection.

Whilst you might enjoy lazing around in the lovely tropical grounds of the Pension’s garden, or perhaps taking a short cycle to one of the local villages, you’d definitely be missing out on one of the atoll’s main attractions if you didn’t check out some of the local Rangiroa diving spots. This is because the entire Rangiroa Tahiti region is one of the best places in the Pacific to go diving, both because of the large number of good diving schools and also the great selection of different marine species that can be seen in the waters off the atoll.