Dare to create collateral with a difference with the help of the latest flipbook features!

Flipbook animation is another string you can add to your advertising bow in these troubled economic times, when it’s even more important than ever to project a strong brand image that will make you stand out from the competition. However, flash animation is in fact just one of a host of rich media features that are transforming the flip book experience for consumers. Others include HD images, video, sound and hypertext links. All combine to create content that is attractive to look at and fun to interact with. Webpublication is one company producing software such as the online magazine creator package, a tool which you will be able to use to produce slick, professional-looking collateral and presentational material in no time at all. In today’s fast-moving, highly-mobile world, flexibility and accessibility are crucial. So it’s just as well that you can edit and store your content on a multitude of platforms and media – iPad, Android, iPhone, Mac, DVD, USB stick – all these are valid options for viewing or storing your material. You can also embed what you produce on a website or share it via social networking sites. Nothing now stands in the way of you making your own great-looking e-brochure models, catalogues or magazines.