Don’t get angry with forms – get even – with great form building solutions from FormForAll!

You may get frustrated with forms, but there’s virtually no escaping them in the online world we inhabit today. Whether it’s to book a holiday, sign up to a newsletter, order a product or fill in a survey, forms are here to stay. However, has some good news for you! This company is an expert in creating forms that are easy to use and which can be tailored to practically any market or audience. Its free online web form builder boasts a wide array of features to make life easier for webmasters and website visitors alike.

As well as multiple pre-defined fields, social log-in options, a drag-and-drop interface and SSL browser encryption form submission, FormForAll forms also boast a multi-lingual capability that is second to none. Languages supported on this platform include Spanish, Hindi, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and German – and that’s just a few of the 30 odd tongues catered for by this solution.

Being a responsive form builder, FormForAll forms will look great on smartphone and tablet computer too, and without any input from you – forms will automatically adapt to the device in question. This same adaptability can be found in the range of plugins available for different CMS, from Drupal to WordPress.